Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Present from Winnipeg!

I'm back in Calgary, and I have to say that it's good to be home again. As all of my students know, I was just in Winnipeg for a Teaching English as a Second Language conference where I was doing a presentation on blogs. It was a lot of fun, but I kind of missed home. Wow, I was only gone for four days, but I got homesick! My presentation was on last Friday morning, and I was really impressed by how many people came to hear me talk. I talked about blogs and how they can help students to learn English from each other. I hope that the people who came to my presentation will start to use blogs with their students!

Anyway, it wasn't all work while I was in Winnipeg. I also went for long walks around the city. I walked all along the river and I also so the Manitoba Legislature building. The weirdest thing of all was the Hudson's Bay Store. It had a huge grocery store in the basement. I never expected that! One good thing though was that I found some specialty chocolates that you can only buy in Winnipeg. When I saw them, I knew that I had to buy them to share with my students. They are called Mordens' Russian Mints, and I guess they are really famous in Winnipeg. I think my students liked them. I shared them with my students today, and I had enough of them to share with both classes! It's too bad we can't buy these chocolate in Calgary. They are pretty good!


salia said...

Thank you so much Scott for your great present. That was perfect.

adelheid said...

yup...it was delicious! God, I wish I always had a teacher that gave me and my classmates these kinds of treats! Thank you!

mysteryviking said...

Suprising~you got a homesick by staying in Winnipeg for only four days(and you were still in Canada actually)^ ^
Thank you for sharing chocolates!:)

mitra said...

Thank you Scott for chocolate.

Abdullah said...

You've been away for 4 days only, yet you had homesick?? That was strange.

Sometimes, when I go on vacations with my family, I miss my homeland even if I didn't spend much time away, so I think I know how you felt.

Thank you for representing us in the confrence, and thanks A LOT for your chocolate.

genii always have very long names said...

I failed on reading and speaking mid exam. I daon't know why I got a low mark like this on speaking