Monday, October 02, 2006

I was supposed to have something really interesting to blog about today about my weekend, but my weekend ended up being pretty normal as per usual. One thing however, I did come to appreciate procrastination :-) You see, I am in the middle of writing a paper for my PhD Seminar, and naturally before I started to work on my paper, I had to clean the entire house, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, work in the garden, pick the rest of my tomatoes, pick my pumpkins, and finally clean the garage. Hoo whee, it was a lot of work, but finally, once I finished all of that I was able to start thinking about my paper for my PhD Seminar. I wonder if my students go through the same process of procrastination. It's amazing how little chores start to loom up as massive tasks that absolutely must be completed before I can even begin to contemplate doing any school work. Usually my last step is that I have to make a pot of fresh coffee. Only once everything is perfect am I ready to begin :-)

Cleaning my garage was the biggest task this weekend. There were so many old cardboard boxes in there. You see, there are three apartments in my house, and everytime someone moves in or out, they leave a whole bunch of old boxes in the garage. I kept meaning to recycle all of the boxes, but I just never got around to it. Finally, Sunday was the day I had to do it. There was absolutely no way I could do homework with all those boxes in the garage. It took me and my friend (the poor sucker, I roped him in) HOURS. We had to crush and fold over a hundred empty cardboard boxes. They I stuffed them all into my car (after all, I wouldn't want to take two trips). I couldn't even close my trunk, I had so many boxes in my car. I drove to the recycling depot at about 15 kms an hour. Luckily, it is in my neighbourhood, so I didn't have to go to far. Then I had to unload my car and put all of those boxes into the appropriate green recycle bin. I got a bit carried away though. I was throwing the boxes to myt friend who was helping me like frisbees. Anyway, I threw one just a bit too hard and it slammed him in the face. I felt awful. Expecially since he was volunteering to help me with my boxes. However, there was no harm done (well, a huge bruise, but no need for the hospital), and my boxes were recycled. I bought him a cheese cake to say sorry for the facial disfiguration . . . but then I ate half of it.

The things we do to avoid homework.

I wonder how my students did with THEIR papers this weekend, and I wonder what kinds of procrastination they get up to.


Wendy said...

I always procrastinate....In fact, I should probably be studying and working right now ... >.<

mysteryviking said...

You friend's poor:)
and yes, I go through the same process of procrastination before doing big stuffs, especially writing & painting. I'd like to clean the room or take a shower, then make a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Open the window, let the wind coming^ ^

chenzhenfei said...

I always considered that only teenager didn’t like to do their homework. Little did I ever think that elder men like Scott hate homework too. They also force themselves doing homework. That’s funny.