Monday, October 28, 2013

TESL Ontario Plenary Speaker

I've just come back from the TESL Ontario conference, and my head is swimming with new and exciting ideas.  Here is one that I introduced at the conference:

I'm working on a paper right now to explain this additional language acquisition formula, but I wanted to put it on my blog to peak people's curiosity.  This formula is tweaked for vocabulary acquisition, but it is the same as my one for additional language acquisition.  Here is the breakdown:

f = focus on form
s = strategies
i+1 = comprehensible input
2 = interaction
m = motivation
i = identity
t = teacher effects
VA = vocabulary acquisition

If you would like to cite this for a paper, please use:

Douglas, S. (October 2013). Pathways to Production: Exploring Lexical Thresholds in Speaking and Writing. Teachers of English as a Second Language Association of Ontario Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario. Keynote Address.

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