Saturday, November 20, 2010

Extraordinary Measures and Popcorn!

Last Tuesday class was really different than usual. It was a special holiday for our Muslim students, so the class was really small. As a result, I decided we could have a "fun" educational day instead of the usual classes. First of all, I showed the students a couple of powerpoints on adjective clauses . . . I'm not sure if this part of the day was so fun for the students, but then the fun stuff started to come. I made popcorn in class! I brought in my hot air popcorn popper, and I silently demonstrated to the students how to make popcorn while they took notes. This fit in perfectly with our unit on Process Paragraphs because after I was done making the popcorn, the students had to use their notes to write a process paragraph on how to make popcorn. I was surprised at how educational it actually was! The students learned lots of new vocabulary like "measuring cup" "hot air popper" and "kernels". Anyway, after we finished our process paragraphs, I made up a whole bunch of popcorn and melted some butter. Now we were ready for a movie!

The movie my students chose to watch was Extraordinary Measures. In the morning I showed the students the trailers to five different movies, and then they voted on the movie that they wanted to see in the afternoon. I was really happy that they chose Extraordinary Measures because I had never seen it before. Basically, it is about this guy whose children have a terrible genetic disease. He finds a scientist who can help him make a cure for the disease. I won't tell you the ending, but I think a couple of my students were crying during the movie! here is the trailer:

All in all, it was a really great day!


crystal said...

That is a funny day! Small class, pop corn,and watch movie is a wonderful class!I love it! Thanks sooooooo much!

mrrom said...

WAW, really sounds fun and fun also ^____^
If that day I been there, and I know you'll do this things to us, I'll never gets our holiday as usual, so, for sure I prefer to be with you Scott..funny hahaaa
you know, I like this stuff and I like to do such things as popcorn!
learning s/th new with fun time,s/th really different and unusual, Scoot you are the best, movie hahahaa in class, what are you think or believe!
I believe that you are very smart to do activity like this while your saudi students are out of usually class! why? because all of they will feel sorry to missed what you are did !
hahah nice idea Scott, I like it

Cat-Hunter said...

This movie was awesome!! They should make part 2 lol

keith said...

The powerpoints on adjective clauses

is so funny ~~~ i like than~wahaha

Khanh said...

That movie was really emotional, Scott. It was not only emotional but also was funny. I also liked the popcorn that you made. I hope I can eat it again one day.

The Daimond Rain said...

Wow what a wonderful movie
Did you know I just started crying with the trailer, so how about if I watch the movie