Sunday, October 03, 2010

I went shopping with my PhD supervisor!

The other day, I went to a one day conference on reading with my PhD supervisor, and afterwards we went to Value Village in North East Calgary. I wonder if any of my students have ever been there. Value Village is a giant thrift shop that sells second hand clothes and other sorts of things. My PhD supervisor loves looking for treasures in this shop. She often finds name brand clothes and other high quality things for bargain prices. The only problem is that the place is so huge, it takes hours to find the treasures in the middle of all the other stuff. While my supervisor was shopping in the ladies' clothing section, I had a look around the books, and I ended up buying seven used books for only $4 each. I also bought a glass mug for $2. They were a bargain! If you are ever bored, Value Village can be a fun place to poke around in on the weekend if you are looking for fun second hand stuff. Also, if you want to get rid of your old things, you can donate your no longer wanted stuff to Value Village and they will give money to charity when they sell your old stuff. Here is their link:


barttroz said...

sounds good

Amjad said...

nice,i'll go there soon

thanx mr.scott

Hassan said...

Sounds like a hidden advertisement kkk :)

I'll go there one day. Thanks Scott

mrrom said...

I told my mom, and we have aplan for this !

Murad said...

That's mean you planing to give us one day off to go there together(All Class) :D

I put it to my visit list.. ^^
Thanks Scott..

The Daimond Rain said...

you are a wonderful teacher
you are teaching us and also you try to make our shopping comfortable kkk^_^

thanks scott

mrrom said...

Oh thank you dr.Scott