Friday, January 18, 2008

I LOVE the Writing Centre

I know, I know . . . perhaps most of my readers aren't quite as convinced as I am as to the wonders of the Effective Writing Centre here on campus, but it seems so cool that there is a place where students can get FREE help with their writing. Personally, I would charge between $150 - $200 an hour for private tutoring. Why spend all that money on a private tutor, when there is somewhere to go on campus? Also, I just found out that there are FREE drop in tutoral sessions available in the library. Here are the details:

Free Drop-in Writing Consultations
Starting February 1, 2008 Drop-in Writing Consultations are available in MLB 205 (located in the Information Commons in MacKimmie Library) at the following times:
Mondays 6:00 - 9:00 pmTuesdays 12:30 - 3:30 pmWednesdays 5:30 - 8:30 pmThursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Appointments are not necessary for the drop-in sessions and may be limited to 15 minutes depending on demand. Sign up is at the IC Service Desk.

I copied all that directly from the website:

Anyway, I hope all my students take advantage of the writing centre and use it as much as possible. I bet my students don't know this little fact about me. When I first went to university, my writing was terrible. I actually went to the writing centre a few times, and they quickly showed me how to punctuate correctly and how to format an essay in an academic manner. So you can imagine, if I went to the writing centre when I was an undergraduate student, there is absolutely no shame in going there.

Well, I think I have pestered my students with information about the writing centre enough for today :-)


Oksana said...

Hi Scott! I would say you are a really expensive teacher :)
Thanks a lot for all the information about drop-in sessions.
See you on Monday...

hjm.huang said...

It is not about feeling shame. It is about timing.
I am a very lazy student that I hate waiting in a line.
For example, if I got sick, I would never go to my family docter. The reason is simple--I don't want to spend three hours in waiting before a fifteen minutes of checking.
But I will go to the writing centre as I know you will refuse to answer my questions before I have a try.

jⓞhn said...

Hey, Scott, I just wondered why u should do that twice?
Were u just doing the first time while it was snowing?

We will,we will rock U!! said...

Hey, Scott. It's Nick, from lec 02.
I'm wondering y we EAP III have 3 teachers??

++PaUL LeE++ said...

Hi Scott~ This is PauL~ I think i was absent at the day that i was supposed to give you my blog. Therefore i am here, and of course, this is my blog~~
THX~ I will see u tomorrow

Yuri said...

Heyy, Im glad finding your comment on my last blog. Now Im working in Tokyo, living in Chiba. The company operates helicopters. Did I tell you this? Im purchasing helicopter parts!

Amin said...

Hi Scott,
Howdy? It seems there is something wrong with links to some of our friend’s blogs in your page. When I clicked on some of those links many of them direct me to one of the last semester student's blog named Noor. Wanted you to know, cya.