Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The First Posting

Hello World,

This is my first posting in my new blog. This is the place to find links to all of my past blogs, and well as links to my current EAP students at the University of Calgary. Please feel free to comment, explore the student blogs, and enjoy!




Abdullah said...

Hello Mr. Scott.

It's Abdullah Almuqate, one of the newbies in the LEAP program.

I think you made a mistake linking my blog. It's "Almuqate", not "Almugate".

Thanks a lot, and have a nice day. Or evening.


SabRina said...

Hi Scott,

I'm Sabrina, your LEAP 4A student, I like my class, i feel comfortable in this class, ofcourse i will work hard in this semester.

Thanks for your teaching me and come my blog often!!!haha

mitra said...

Hi Scott;

You are always happy, this is the best lesson to students.

Joy said...

Hi Scott

I am Joy. I am in LEAP 4B. I like your photo.

adelheid said...

Hello Scott,

Could you please change my display's Adelheid not Aldelheid...:(